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Homestuck aspect hex codes

Another important thing to learn about is the Hemospectrum and blood caste. It plays a large role in society and affects how trolls act, along with their powers.

This guide will go over the colours of the hemospectrum, general information in brief, the blood caste sytem, each blood caste in brief, exceptions in hemospectrum, some tips, notes, and warnings, and lastly some helpful links.

Note: This image is coloured using the canon blood colours. Each caste is not restricted to what is shown here. The castes are labeled according to the coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A names. I personally consider these the most accurate. Other charts can be found at the bottom. Iron Red was not included as it is mutant, and off the caste.

Trolls have 12 different ranges of blood colour. Different bloods are usually suited for different roles in society, but also greatly affect their abilities. Natures and physical aspects are also affected, most noticeably in sea dwellers. Lowbloods are more likely to be psychic and have shorter life spans.

Highbloods are physically more strong, and have longer life spans. On Alternia, the hemospectrum is the basis of the blood caste system.

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More about this is covered in the troll society guide and in the individual blood caste descriptions. The lower bloods are not entitled to the same things that young highblood trolls are. Though unlikely and never mentioned that Alternia has had an emperor in the past, there has never been direct confirmation that it was strictly governed by females.

Different castes seem to be suited or meant to fulfill certain roles and jobs, as already mentioned. These can be based off of the the various abilities that each blood have. Another constant seems to be that the higher castes have more influential jobs that greatly impact the rest of Alternia. Lower castes fill other roles needed.

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Very likely to have psychic powers, but also very psychically susceptible. Strong psychic powers led to extinction hunted.

homestuck aspect hex codes

Theory that sopor slime is made of this blood. Quite physically strong. More violent.That looks better. Wait, let me check. Ok, yeah. That's correct. That's the hex code for the color. It's the numerical representation of the color in hexadecimal format. So I was just double checking to make sure it was right. It was right. But Caliborn. How do you expect to kill me When I am already dead! Hahahahahaha, oh man. I don't know. Maybe it's a miracle? Oh no. He's serious everybody.

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Look out. He's about to throw the tweeniest, brattiest tantrum his little green exoskeleton can muster. If you pitch a fit in your little bow tie and suspenders, it will probably be so adorable that I might just drop dead anyway. Or my ghost will. No really, go ahead. Flutter your eyelashes at me.

Homestuck Hex Codes: Complete List

Make it as grumpy as possible. Kawaii me to double death bro! Shhh, settle down.By the creator of Homestuck and Hiveswap.

Introducing the Extended Zodiacan updated astrological profile for an expanding world. Unlike the traditional zodiac, this system takes into account certain features of your personality and perspective, rather than simply the day you were born.

By taking the test, you may determine which of the signs below is your True Sign. To find out what your True Sign is, take the test now. The Extended Zodiac is broken down into 12 color categories called Sign Classes, and each of those contain 24 unique signs.

In order to discover your True Sign, you must identify two additional qualities about yourself, which are unique to the Extended Zodiac. The first is your Lunar Sway, a designation which says things about your perspective on life.

There are two possibilities for Lunar Sway. The second is your Aspect, the ruling force over your personal narrative. Think of it as the source of your power, the way you move through the world. There are twelve possible Aspects.

Lunar Sway and Aspect are assigned based on character traits and tendencies, and in order to determine yours, you will need to take a couple of brief personality tests. You will then be identified by one of the signs of the Extended Zodiac. Your True Sign will include a much more specific and personal astrological profile than your birth sign alone conveys.Find remotes at:.

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Has anyone had any luck with discrete codes for the aspect ratio on hitachi projection TVs? If not, is there a FAQ or something similar on how to setup a "n" type macro with repetitive calls to the single aspect button for a pronto ?

homestuck aspect hex codes

There are discrete codes for "Aspect" ratio and others. Is there a faq or guide somewhere on how to do this? I was also concerned that it may not apply since I cant seem to get my remote to activate that second layer. If you can help with how to get them into pronto hex, I can still give them a try. Brian, Again, thanks! I already have that pdf file. I was hoping for separate discretes for each ratio versus the single aspect button.

Maybe Jon will pipe in here and help out. Afte digging a bit more, its looks like I could use the data from Brian's other thread in conjunction with the MakeHex tool if anyone can help me out with which. I am assuming that it would be device I must be doing something wrong I changed the nec1. For example, I want function Aspect - Standard The output of makehex is: D 00AC 0E94 I copy this and insert it into the custom ir field in PENG and save.

The Most Important Character in Homestuck

I tested these out and they dont work. However, when I relook at the custom ir code it has changed to: A D 50AF A which does not look at all correct to me. All of the learned codes for this device are much longer and resemble the output of makehex. Have I done something wrong???? No you did everything correctly.

The actual bdata portion of the signal is 1 device2 device complement, 3 function, and 4 function complement.

Homestuck Hex Codes

Likewise in hex for the function 9A is the complement of So they are the same commands just in a different notation. My guess is that your model doesn't respond to those commands.

Oh well, I was kind of afraid of that Thanks Jon and Brian for your help! Does anyone have a ccf with these discrete codes already set up? Thanks, Jason. This PDF seems to have the discretes everyone is looking for, but they only look like partial codes. Anyone know how to use these? That's easy. Diplomacy is the art of saying hire a pro without actually saying hire a pro. Before you can reply to a messageAnything can be broken down into these basic aspects.

It is one half of the player titlesthe other being the class. It had been previously hinted that each aspect was connected to a particular denizenhowever Yaldabaoth has been seen to be assigned to a hero of Heart and a hero of Time. Due to the aspects of Time and Space being essential to a session, and Hephaestus and Echidna having connections to the scratch construct and the Forge respectively, it is believed that at the very least, these two denizens may be consistent in normal sessions.

It has been confirmed on the extended zodiac test that aspects are not restricted to particular lunar swayseven if some of them have a closer thematic link to one of the two dream moons. From Jade 's display of powers, it seems that Space has to do with the size of things and their velocity; their position in existence with regards to physics.

It also ties in strongly with the aspect of creation in contrast to Time's association with destruction and decay. Its Deeper Than That. A Field Related To Propagation. Consequently, the two Heroes of Space whose sessions were observed more in depth by the narrative were in charge of the breeding of the Genesis Frogwhich contains a new universe. A Space player's Land contains their session's Forgewhich plays a vital part in the creation of the new universe as well. Moreover, Kanaya held the Matriorb which she would use to recreate the troll race.

Beyond this, both Kanaya and Jade live in similar homesnext to a Frog Templeand their dream selves are both awake before entering the session. It is unclear how many of these parallels directly relate to the Space aspect. Calliope also had their dream self awake before playing the game, however this may be connected to their unique circumstances with Caliborn. The symbol for Space is very similar to the Borjgali and is symbolic of concepts relating to the roles of heroes of Space.

It also resembles a spiral galaxy. Calliope has stated that Space is a typically passive aspect with great power, falling back and hosting the stage before suddenly in some way showing "who is truly the master" and then collapsing in on itself. The caduceus is used to symbolize the medical profession in North America, while Asclepius was a healer in Greek mythology.

The associated denizen of the Space aspect is Echidnaat least for Jade, Kanaya, and Calliope; it is presumably Porrim 's as well. There is a possibility that Aranea's denizen was also Echidna, but this is not confirmed, as it was only stated that she had spoken with the denizen, not that it was her own.

It is also interesting to note that all of the Heroes of Space seen so far are associated with the color green which parallels Time players, who are all associated with red. Time is one of the two basic fabrics of paradox space, with its counterpart being Space. It is associated with the Timetablestime travel and exploits, and timeline maintenance in general.

The Hero of Time also has a feature installed in their personal world in the Incipisphere : a large structure that will obliterate the game session and reboot it by rewinding everything to long before the game starts in an event known as the Scratch. It is a last resort, and would ideally result in better starting conditions if the players' session is doomed.

However, this is not always the case, as seen in the Alpha trolls' session on Beforus. Dave and Aradia are shown to be able to time-hop, and Aradia has been shown to be able to temporarily freeze a rampaging Jack Noir in time. It is currently unknown what Caliborn's abilities may be, though as L o rd English he is confirmed to have at least one rather large time-hop himself in order to be "already here" despite entering the A2 universe at its death.

His other instances of being "already here" may also have used a similar method of time-travel. This directly contrasts with the Life aspect or could also contrast with Space's association with life and beginnings. Dave's denizen is Hephaestuswhile Aradia's and Damara's denizens have not been shown.

They are also all associated with the color red, Aradia, Damara and Caliborn having red blood, and Dave having a red text color as well as red eyes. The Mind aspect seems to be related to thoughts and decisions of individuals and the consequences of those decisions.

Terezi was able to see what decisions will be made, and the outcomes of such decisions with her Seer of Mind powers. Heroes of the Mind aspect also seem to be able to communicate with the otherwise-undetectable "dream splinters" that dreaming players create in dream bubblesthough this may only be possible for Terezi, being the Seer of Mind and literally seeing or, rather, smelling the mental image of Dirk left by Jake.

Mind seems to be the antithesis of Heart, given that it is associated with logic, reasoning, action, decision-making, in contrast with Heart's association with motivation and emotions. The Mind aspect may also be associated with the concepts of karma and justice.

Terezi's interest in justice and her love of solving crimes may allude to this.If you ever thought that a comic as complex to understand as Homestruck could reach the universe of video games with the same difficulty in understanding it. We commented that it is even rarer and more complicated to understand.

To start breaking down everything related to the hexestuck hex codeswe have to start by highlighting their greatest particularity. In this game you will have to know the color codes on the web. Either in its Hex format or with its assessment on the RGB scale.

All of this leads to endless combinations of actions, gadgets, and abilities for each character class. Without further ado, we present the hexestuck hex codes. Fortunately, there are still no reports that any code has stopped working.

So to continue enjoying them. To enter the homestuck hex codes you just have to enter, in the dialog box, the command that identifies the color you want to unlock. Unfortunately, a video illustrating this process better is not available. Now that you know everything about homestuck hex codesall you have to do is go and enjoy this unusual but fun story that will keep you glued to the screen for long hours. Home Guides Mobile Nintendo Contact. Posts Relacionados.

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Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Edited by soundtechParadox. Reply: 1. I decided I wanted to help people with their hex code problem thing. And I seen a few people looking for hex codes for god tiers, so I'm like. Well, give me a few moments. And this is what I came up with. Quick Edit. Reply: 2. Reply: 3. Edited by greenparadoxical. Reply: 4. I mean, in my opinion I could imagine Space as black, not white.

As well as Hope being a shade of yellow, yet again, not white lmao. Blood and Hope do look similar but that can be fixed, I guess. In my opinion, Mind should be a bit more of a teal. Not to mention, Void being a bit more blue. But I guess everything else is fine.

Reply: 5. Edited by Glub. Reply: 6. Here's a helpful masterpost of god tier colors for both backgrounds and signs! I used this every now and then, and I'm pretty glad that I kept it around in case something like this happened!

homestuck aspect hex codes

Reply: 7. Might wanna delete this post then Threaded Mode Linear Mode Need hex codes for god tiers? Look no further. Entered: Jul Reputation: 26 Player Badge:. Need hex codes for god tiers? Look no further I decided I wanted to help people with their hex code problem thing. Quick Edit Full Edit. Entered: Mar Reputation: 9 Player Badge:.

RE: Need hex codes for god tiers? Look no further Very useful, thank you so much!

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Entered: Nov Reputation: 59 Player Badge:. Look no further I mean, in my opinion I could imagine Space as black, not white.

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